Reusable, Anti Slip Rug Grippers -
Reusable, Anti Slip Rug Grippers -
Reusable, Anti Slip Rug Grippers -
Reusable, Anti Slip Rug Grippers -

Reusable, Anti Slip Rug Grippers

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Never Trip Over A Rug or Spend Pointless Seconds Adjusting A Floor Rug or Floor Mat!

Rugs add warmth to wood floors, make great places for play, and bring rooms together with decoration. We use them in the kitchen and bathroom to avoid slipping on wet floors. But rugs can be a serious pain when they curl or bunch, requiring constant rearrangement and leaving floors look less than tidy. But not anymore!

  • Anti Slip Rug Grippers Make Rugs Stay Put - Stability in a rug is crucial. Tripping over a rug or dragging the corner of a rug with your heels while trying to rush out the door can even lead to injury. Simply adhere the rug grippers to the four corners of your rugs and never deal with a wonky rug again.
  • Children and Pets Can Play Carefree - Running children and dogs can mess up rugs the second they set foot in a house, but with these rug grippers, you'll never have to yell about them messing up the rugs again.
  • Material That Doesn't Leave A Mark - Rug tape will leave a sticky residue when the rug is moved, making it a less-than-perfect solution. The silicone and grip polymer material of these rug grippers keep the rug on the floor without leaving a mark.
  • Works On Bath Mats Too - A wet bathroom or kitchen floor is no match for the gripping technology of these rug grippers. Take a bath or shower and don't worry about slipping when you get out.
  • Washable - If the rug grippers lose their grip, don't throw them out! Simply wash them with soap and water and they're good for use over and over again.